What is Boudoir photography and why schedule a session?
Boudoir photo sessions aim to create classy and sexy images of a woman. Every person has their own idea of what is sexy and what they’re comfortable with. We work with your ideas and comfort level in order to provide a positive experience and final images that are best suited to you. Many of my clients schedule a session to have images to share with their fiancé, spouse or significant other. Other clients want beautiful images for themselves.

Where will my session take place?
Your session can be photographed at my studio in Martinez, CA, your home, a local hotel, bed and breakfast, or outside in a private or secluded area. Travel within 20 miles of the studio is complimentary. Up to 50 miles of travel is complimentary for session package #3.

Do you photograph men (Dudeoir) and couples?
Yes. I photograph men and couples. The phrase used for men is “dudeoir.”  My goal for dudeoir photo sessions is to capitalize on a man’s masculinity but keep it fun. For the man who wishes images for someone special in his life, we work together to determine what that someone special would consider sexy.  Please see my Dudoir gallery in my portfolio for examples.

Would I be comfortable being photographed by a man?
This is a great question and one that only the client can decide. It has been helpful for my clients to know I am a gay man and I’ve been with my partner, Rick, for over 15 years.  Some woman prefer being photographed by a man as apposed to a woman. Respecting my clients, whether they are a man or a woman, is paramount to me. I would never  encourage a client to wear something or remove clothing if they were not comfortable doing so.
I truly love what I do!  My passion is to help someone feel beautiful and encourage them to feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin during the photo session.

Modesty & Nudity
Clothed, partially-clothed, hinted nudity and fully nude can all be sexy. We’ll spend time prior to the start of your session to discuss what you’re comfortable showing in your photos.  How much or how little you want to reveal is completely up to you. Your comfort level is the barometer for any decision regarding nudity and modesty. Fine art nudes are available upon request.

Should I have make-up and/or hair done?  
There can be a big difference between street make-up and print make-up. Print make-up takes lighting and the camera into consideration. Therefore, I recommend you have a professional make-up artist. There are a variety of options. Many make-up artists at department store counters are trained in make-up application. I’ve worked with some make-up artists that I can recommend to you. Let me know if you’d like to book a make-up and hair stylist for your session. A makeup and hair stylist is included in session package #3.

How far out should I schedule my shoot?
Images usually take a week to ten days before you can view them. If you desire a session for a special occasion, I recommend scheduling your shoot at least a month or two before your target date. That will give you more options on products. Custom albums can take up to 6 weeks to produce.

Can I bring a friend (women)?
We encourage you to bring a friend if you are uncomfortable. Female friends only, please!  You may think you would feel more comfortable with someone you know present, but often women feel more self-conscious when someone they know is watching. Consider a buddy session, which is a session where both of you are being photographed and you are able to encourage each other. We ask that you do not bring your husband or boyfriend unless you’re interested in a couples session.

Is there a difference between Boudoir and Pin Up photography?
Yes. Pinup photography tends to be vintage in style and it derives its name from the 1940’s pinup posters and cards from that time period. Boudoir is more about modern sexiness and is lingerie-inspired.  Lately, I’m enjoying how those lines are beginning to blur as a result of my clients’ creativity and exploration.

What should I wear to the session? 
Being comfortable, having creativity, and making your time personal is very important. The clothing you wear should also make you feel sexy. Every person differs in what makes them feel sexy. My goal is to encourage you to discover that that may be for you. Some successful ideas include: bras, panties, teddies, boy-shorts, a silk nightshirt or robe, stockings, jeans and a bra, sports jerseys, corsets, and push-up bras. Something out of your partner’s closet is always a fun idea. You may want to bring your loved one’s favorite outfit, or something that relates to their job, hobby or particular interests. Adding accessories such as gloves, hats, jewelry, ties, or wraps helps keep things interesting and gives you something to play with. Other props such as sports equipment and musical instruments can be fun. Please do NOT forget the high heels!
It’s best if your outfits don’t hug too tight or create any extra lines on your body. This is a common problem with thigh highs because they need to be tight to stay up. I suggest the ones that are held up with a garter belt. It’s important to bring quite a few items as that gives us lots of options. Be careful not to select clothing that is too busy. We want the attention to be on you and not so much on your clothing. Info on local lingerie shops and online lingerie shopping can be found on my links page.

All photos shown on this site are displayed with written permission by the clients. All boudoir images are kept in strict confidence and no images will be shown without client permission in writing. I only use  professional labs that safeguard the privacy of my clients’ images. I do offer a product discount for those who are willing to display their images on my website.

What type of products do you offer?
We offer many types of products.  Our most popular products are: photo books, gallery wraps, folios, calendars, print boxes and our most recent product, the Online Boudoir Magazine. You may view a sample of the online magazine by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. I also provide samples in my studio you may view.

Why do you require a retainer fee for the date and time agreed upon?
The date and time of your boudoir session is set aside especially for you. Please keep in mind my studio is by appointment only and your time in the studio is set aside as special time for you. Should you need to reschedule with me, please give me a call at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment to make necessary changes. The retainer is non-refundable, but may be applied toward a rescheduled session within one year of your original shoot date. Think of this as a ‘save the date’ like a date secured for a wedding.

The Studio
The studio is located at 2243 Spring Lake Drive, Martinez, CA 94553. Studio time is by appointment only. For a complete list of prices, to schedule a consultation or session, contact me at  markgebhardt@comcast.net  or by calling 925-408-8175. I service the following areas: Contra Costa County, San Francisco, and the San Francisco East Bay Area.

love what I do and I’m passionate about making you look and feel great!